lease proposals


do you need advice on a new lease proposal?

We can review your potential agreement potentially saving you £’000’s

There is little or no information available to you allowing you to make a decision on your potential lease agreement. From finding the true cost of the equipment, what a rate per thousand actually compares to, hidden print copy costs and other potential pitfalls which are used by unscrupulous sales teams to maximise their profits.

We are very happy to review any new agreement you have been presented with. Our review will focus on the nature of the lease itself rather than comment on the type of equipment being leased as we are not party to your school or Company equipment needs.

Check with us before signing

We can provide you with specific information and questions that you can ask the provider of the agreement before you sign. This will avoid you getting tied into a lease or service contract that is not in your best interests.

We will ensure that you are aware of all the small print with various hidden and future cost increases which can become financially detrimental to your school or business.

For a small fee of £150 + vat we will provide you with a bespoke report. This report can potentially save you £000’s of pounds over the lease period and ensure that you are in charge of any selling process.

Have you been provided with a proposal for office equipment and not sure what to do?

Office equipment lease salespeople can be very persistent. They can overload you with jargon and potential savings that are confusing to understand. Often the “savings” they propose you will make are not true at all.

We want to help stop you feeling pressured into signing lease agreements that do not give them a good deal.

We have been providing this review service for a number of years and feedback has demonstrated that you could save £000’s for your school or business by placing you in control of negotiations.


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Asset Leasing in the UK

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