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how we can help

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Help for academies

The legal position regarding Academies is very complex and ensuring you adhere to the rules and regulations can be a minefield. We can help provide you with the guidance and advice you need to ensure your Academy receives both impartial and honest advice on your lease agreements.

lease proposals

We provide independent, factual, and impartial advice so you can undertake due diligence before entering into an asset lease agreement

help for maintained schools

Without clear advice it is hard for school business managers to know what to do. We can help with lease proposals, existing agreements and even old agreements that have now been settled. If it is deemed appropriate we can seek to recover monies paid under past afreements too.

Business & charity LEASES

Although we have worked mainly in the education sector we have helped many businesses and charities seek restitution from unfair lease agreements.

our fee structure

Our initial advices are free. If you contact us with your questions we are happy to help at no cost or obligation.

If you want to take advantage of our bespoke report there is a small fee of £150 + VAT. This report will place you in control of negotiations, helping you to save thousands on your agreements. The report also makes you aware of any potentail pitfalls in the fine print before you sign anything.   

After we have provided you with in depth report on all the options available under your agreement you wish us to challenge your current lease agreement there are no costs until the matter is concluded.

If at the end of an investigation and challenge no savings have been made, then there is no charge.

In the event that the school or organisation makes savings or receives a refund, then our charges are a percentage of that saving. The actual percentage will depend on the involvement of both solicitors and insurance companies, as our final charge needs to cover these costs.

Before entering into any agreement with us you will be provided with a full breakdown on what the costs could potentially be.

How we challenge the agreements

our process

The technicalities involved in the process can sometimes be overwhelming. This gives a brief understanding of our process. At all times our focus is on your best interests.

The length of time to complete this process is dictated by the time the Finance Company or its solicitors take to engage with us. Our aim is to have matters concluded as quickly as possible.

step 1

Review all your current lease agreements to ensure they are fair and reasonable.

If we find that the lease agreements contravene the legislation we will provide you with all your options.

step 2

Once you have decided that you wish to proceed we will work on your behalf to challenge the agreements and seek restitution on both current and previous agreements.

step 3

We will correspond with the Finance Companies and Suppliers to find an amicable solution which is in your best interests.

It is hoped and preferred that a solution is found without resulting to legal means. However we work closely with solicitors and have access to funding and insurance cover. This ensures that should legal proceedings be necessary to obtain a fair solution, this can be done without financial or reputational risk to you.

step 4

The case is settled and you receive any monies due.

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