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businesses and charities

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Are you a business or charity in need of help and assistance?

The legislation that is in place to help schools challenge unfair leasing agreements unfortunately does not apply to other businesses.

That does not mean we cannot help. We want to protect as many organisations as we can from unfair lease agreements and mis selling practices.

Lease Agreements are unregulated

Lease Agreements are unregulated and therefore there is limited protection for any business regardless of size. There is also no protection for charities or churches.

This situation is further complicated by the relationship between suppliers and finance houses. You  sign a lease agreement with a supplier who then Sells this agreement to their chosen finance company. This is usually something you may not have any knowledge of, even though once this interaction is complete your Contract is now between you and the finance company.

Under the terms and conditions of the agreement even if your supplier has misrepresented the lease the Finance House doesn’t care. If the supplier is subsequently found guilty of fraud and jailed, the finance companies will still insist on payments being made. You can find out more regarding this practice in this article.

We do not believe this is right. The Finance Companies condone malpractice by certain suppliers. They could easily prevent this mis-selling, but choose not to. We are continuing to try and get the regulatory bodies to act.

The best way to prevent your company being a victim of an unfair lease is to carry out due diligence beforehand.

Prevention is Better than Cure

We know that the Suppliers and Finance Companies provide you with little or no information to carry out due diligence and that finding essential information is very time consuming and sometimes impossible.

We are experienced in this area and can help you by providing the essential information and questions you need to raise, to ensure that your company is receiving value for money. Don’t go into these negotiations blind to the implications of these agreements and make sure you challenge the suppliers regarding their practices.

If you feel your current lease or service contract is unfair and you were mis-sold, then we are happy to help wherever we can. We will analyse your agreements and provide you with your available options. This will include the risks and potential pitfalls in pursuing each option, enabling you to make a considered decision.

If you are looking at a new lease agreement or want advice on your current agreements, we can help.


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