Since the LAS have been dealing with Schools, Colleges , Academies and Local Authorities around the country we have been in contact with many people with a variety of  leasing scenarios and we feel it necessary to highlight these situations to RE-ASSURE you.

  • Remember the Audit is Free , totally confidential with no obligation to take the issues any further
  • There are reputable suppliers and finance houses who do credible business with Education establishments and we are pleased to report when  agreements are fair and reasonable. The schools are  pleased that they are receiving good value.
  • A toxic lease report will clearly highlight the issues that need questioning which may recommend that the school ‘WITHHOLDS’ payments until the issues have been satisfied.
  • We have dealt with Head Teachers, Bursars, Business Managers, Admin Managers , Governors and Local Authorities.
  • We have visited schools and presented to the Team to re-assure and answer any questions and concerns.
  • All costs, legal fees and processes are clear and transparent
  • We have secured many major success stories which we are able to share with you through our legal partners
  • Any action we recommend will make significant savings for the school and believe Your School have a Duty of Care put these savings back into your school budget. The process will not negatively affect any school personnel
  • Therefore Our business model can only guarantee a positive outcome for the school


What our clients say...